Plasma Soft Surgery

How does plasma soft surgery work?

Plasma soft surgery is some of the latest in non-surgical skin tightening technology, reducing recovery time and providing fantastic results. This revolutionary technology charges the air between the applicator and the skin, forming plasma that completely removes precise areas of targeted skin. Because of its precision, no heat or adverse effects are transferred to the surrounding tissues, making it particularly effective at treating sensitive areas like around the eyes.

The benefits of plasma soft surgery at Rejuvenate



How does plasma soft surgery work?

This technology uses plasma energy to deliver incomparable results. By charging and ionising the air between the device’s tip and the targeted area of skin, an electrical arc is created and sublimation in the skin takes place, turning solid into gas. This effectively removes the targeted cells and is repeated in a localised area to achieve an overall skin tightening.

Is this treatment safe?

This treatment is some of the latest in rejuvenation technology. Because of its precision application, it doesn’t transfer any heat, unwanted effects, or treatment to the skin surrounding the treatment area. There is no cutting of the skin, no injectable anaesthetic, and no stitches or surgery required, so it is incredibly safe.

When can I see my results?

Because this treatment instigates instant sublimation, your results can be seen immediately! The process turns the solid skin cells targeted into a gas, immediately removing them and providing fantastic results.

How long will my results last?

Following a full treatment course, your results should be as effective as those after a surgical procedure. Your immediate results are permanent, but this treatment is not preventative. It can’t prevent the ageing process or the development of new treatment areas. Your results could last several years if you avoid lifestyle factors that contribute to skin damage. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure to achieve the best results possible for your skin.

The results of this treatment are permanent – skin cells are completely removed by the sublimation process, so they are instantly visible and instantly permanent. This treatment cannot prevent those unwanted pockets from developing again, but it is an effective skin tightening and removal treatment.

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