Our dermatology treatments are sorted into skin concerns and treatments for your ease of finding the right option for you.


Rejuvenate Clinic is proud to have been accredited by ARAUK (Acne and Rosacea Association UK), making them a designated centre of excellence for acne and rosacea. Rejuvenate Clinic has a dedicated Problem Skin clinic which specialises in treating acne.

ARA UK is a charity created by Professor Tony Chu, to educate aesthetic practitioners and dermatologists about acne and rosacea in terms of the development, complications and how to effectively treat the many different cases. Professor Tony Chu teaches cutting-edge techniques for treating acne and rosacea. By utilising these techniques, accredited bodies are more able to accurately assess and treat each patient.

At Rejuvenate Clinic we understand that acne can have a negative impact on your life and can be damaging to your self-confidence. Treating acne is often a long journey that can take its toll, but our aim is to get you to a place where you’re happy with the way your skin looks. Our medical professional is experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to find the best possible solution for you.

We are passionate about improving and controlling your symptoms so you can live your life without worrying about your skin. We’re here for you every step of the way.

If you have experienced acne, we understand it can be very distressing, affect your self-confidence and wellbeing. Once your acne has cleared, you may find you have some pigmentation and scarring, which occurs in around one in five people. Please be assured there are many treatments available at Rejuvenate to help you regain your confidence and live life without worrying about your skin.


What causes acne scarring?

Acne scarring can develop as a complication of acne. Any type of acne spot can lead to scarring and scarring is more common when nodules and cysts are present. It is caused when the body works extremely hard to heal the wounds caused by acne which leads to an excess of collagen build-up in the skin. This collagen can stay in place permanently which causes acne scarring.


What is the best treatment for acne scars?

At Rejuvenate Clinic we offer a range of treatments to combat all different types of acne scars. You’ll need a consultation with our medical professional so that they can assess your scars and develop a treatment plan tailored to you. We work with the highest grade lasers to offer effective scar removal and your practitioner may recommend a series of skin peels, Microneedling, or a laser treatment.


Will acne scars heal?

There are different types of scarring, ice pick scars (small deep holes), rolling scars (uneven skin) and boxcar scars (craters in the skin). Some scars may improve slightly on their own depending on the severity and some scarring will be more stubborn than others. Dark spots on the skin (usually red, brown or purple) are very common and aren’t true acne scars. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and will be much easier to treat than deeper scars and might heal over time. Other acne scars can be permanent if left untreated. Scarring can also be increased if spots are picked, so it is very important to avoid this.

Rosacea is a skin condition which usually appears on the face and usually has a long term effect. In many adults it is an inflammatory skin condition like acne. It can emerge as small red lumps which can look pink, pussy and bothered. The complexion of the skin can appear a reddy pink and can even contain small dilated blood vessels.

There is no distinctive cause for Rosacea, however a person’s reaction to microscopic mites on the face can trigger it as well as irregularity in the blood vessels. There are a few trigger that are also suggested to advance Rosacea:

  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Extreme weather
  • Being out in the sun
  • Exhausting Exercise
  • Specific foods such as spicy ones

All skin types produce a natural chemical known as melanin. Melanin is what is responsible for adding colour to our skin. Some people produce lots of it, and have a subsequently darker complexion, whereas others produce smaller quantities and have a visibly lighter complexion. How evenly the skin produces that melanin is rather another story.

In some people these melanin-producing cells are spread evenly all over the body, in others they are a little more dense and disorganised. This is what results in freckles, dark patches and splotches on the face and body that don’t quite match the surrounding skin.

In essence: Hyperpigmentation strikes when certain parts of the skin begin making too much melanin. This is often can be triggered by hormone spikes, meaning it is commonly brought on by pregnancy when estrogen and progesterone overstimulate melanin production. This is known specifically as Melasma or Chloasma.

Conversely, the condition hypopigmentation is characterised by a lack of pigment in the skin – a melanin depletion which has stripped the colour from the skin entirely. Vitiligo is a common example of this.


How can I treat Hyperpigmentation?

Mild hyperpigmentation can be managed with an at home treatment plan using  products such as chemical exfoliants – those containing a low dose of Glycolic or Alpha-hydroxy acids particularly. However, for moderate to severe hyperpigmentation we would suggest treatments aimed at penetrating deep down into the skin and stripping away the surface layers for a brighter complexion.

Our Medical Professional at Rejuvenate Clinic can help you improve hyperpigmentation through a bespoke treatment plan using our wide range of inhouse treatments. If you feel you are battling hyperpigmentation, vitiligo or melasma book a free no obligation consultation to find a treatment plan that works for you!

Medically known as ‘acrochordons’, these are small pockets of skin which form on the surface of the skin. The process of Skin Tag Removal refers to the surgical procedure which either detaches the soft tissue from the skin, or simply stops the blood supply to the skin tag. Stopping blood supply to this area kills the cells below the surface of the skin, allowing the tag to fall away naturally, with no scarring.

Millia is a condition of the skin which appears as tiny white bumps and can be easily mistaken for whiteheads. There are several ways to combat this common skin condition; here at Rejuvenate we offer a range of Medical-Grade Chemical Peels which can mildly irritate the thin, dead layers of skin, allowing them to peel. This exposes new, fresh, rejuvenated skin removing the milia.

Similar to skin peels, microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals and a vacuum in removing dead skin cells from the face, or neck, chest, back and hands. The aim of this treatment is to reduce fine lines, minor scarring and add a glow and smoothness to the surface of the skin.


Not all chemical peels are the same, as they vary in strength depending on your skin and treatment goal. Our Medical-Grade Chemical Peels intend to tighten and brighten the skin and improve overall texture and complexion.

Book a free consultation with Rejuvenate today to determine which chemical peel is best suited to your skin and needs.

Dermaplaning is the ultimate skin exfoliation! Using an exfoliation blade to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs from the top layer of skin, your face will leave glowing, smooth and clean.

Hydrodermabrasion harnesses the power of water, oxygen and antioxidants together in the latest technologies that stimulate the layers of skin to give the face a clean, bright, and smooth glow!

This treatment uses tiny crystals and a vacuum in removing dead skin cells from the face, or neck, chest, back and hands. The aim of this treatment is to reduce fine lines, minor scarring and add a glow and smoothness to the surface of the skin.

Microneedling is the practice of using small needles to prick the skin, generating new collagen to firm and tighten the skin.

Plasma Shower is an all-round wonder work facial treatment! This modern concept improves angry skin and redness, destroys bacteria on the face & within pores, regenerates & softly tightens the skin, and even stimulates greater absorption for creams and serums.

This facial treatment uses various technologies to achieve a truly deep cleanse which involves removing impurities from and regenerating the skin, wrinkle reduction, facial rejuvenation and overall skin nourishment. ProFacial can even remodel the hype of skin care today, collagen!

The four technologies used in ProFacial include:

  • Aqua Peeling
  • Multipolar RF
  • Ion Lifting
  • Ultrasound

WOW fusion is an innovative needling facial treatment that allows the bespoke creation of the perfect skincare cocktail that is suited to your specific needs! The WOW Fusion treatment offers the benefits of microneedling with the addition of mesotherapy. While microneedling helps stimulate collagen and elastin for tighter skin, the WOW Fusion serum hydrates, brightens, stimulates and improves the texture and tone of the skin. Results are almost instant and can  last for up to 3 months from one treatment.

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